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Administration in the Prerogative Court of Canterbury

Digital copies of wills proved by the Prerogative Court of Canterbury have been available online for some time, but currently the administrations granted by the court are

Posted by: David Hopkins on 23 Dec 2014

British Isles Surname Maps

Forebears have re-introduced surname distribution maps for the British Isles, consisting of England, Scotland, Ireland, Wales, the Isle of Man and the Channel Islands. They

Posted by: David Hopkins on 22 Dec 2014

The Royal Kalendar

The The Royal Kalendar contains short details on the British establishment at home and abroad. Among many topics, it covers royal families of Europe, British peers, MPs,

Posted by: David Hopkins on 11 Dec 2014

1885 New Mexico Territorial Census

Indexes and images of the population schedule listing inhabitants of the New Mexico Territory.

Filed under: Census & Population Lists on 26 Mar 2015

US Casualties of the Vietnam War

An index to around 60,000 casualties of the war.

Filed under: Military on 26 Mar 2015

Kansas Births and Christenings

Name index to birth, baptism and christening records from the state of Kansas. The index can be used to locate original records, which may contain further details.

Filed under: Birth & Baptism on 26 Mar 2015


The Bhangi (Sanskrit: भङ्गी,) or Valmiki (as they prefer to be known) caste are considered the lowest of the low in the Indian caste system. This status is also referred to as untouchable, as those of higher castes fear touching them, believing ...



This surname has been assumed by members of a caste, a hereditary group that typically followed a certain occupation or occupations.



The name Varouh or Barouh was imported to Crete by Jews from Turkey and has become suffix with -akis, which can somewhat be equated with the American Junior. Barouh is from the Hebrew Baruch (Hebrew: בָּרוּךְ.) The name is mentioned three times ...